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Dubai Voluntary Diving Team

Dubai Voluntary Diving Team was established in Dubai since 1995 by a small group fishermen and divers. From 1998 to 2012 team name was DXB Diving and the team was a group of young local fishermen and was confined their work in cleaning fishing sites in Dubai. Since year 2013 team name was changed from DXB Diving team to Dubai Voluntary Diving Team due to the expansion of the team activities and number of volunteer divers. The team began to participate in the following environmental events:

  • World Environmental day
  • UAE national day
  • Dubai Summer Festival under coordination with Heritage Village and Emirates Diving Association to collect pearl in Dubai sea.
  • volunteer during accidents under coordination with official authorities in Dubai
  • environmental awareness
  • volunteer with other diving clubs

Over the years, the team continued to volunteer in the emirate of Dubai sea and its adjacent borders to clean most of the dive and fishing sites from objects which harms the environment. The team consists of divers from several nationalities, most of them are citizens of the United Arab Emirates and of both sexes and of several international diving organizations such as PADI and NAUI. The team welcomes any licensed diver who loves to volunteer and participate with the team (Conditions apply).

Team responsibilities:

  • 1-Spread the culture of volunteerism
  • The deployment of environmental awareness among divers and non-divers
  • Search and recovery
  • Cleaning and removal of harmful substances to the marine environment
  • Participation in environmental campaigns and events
  • Work for the Environmental Initiatives
  • Coordinate with official authorities by providing volunteers in case of accidents and any environmental events if necessary

Our vision:

To be a worldwide participating voluntary team by protecting the environment and preservation of the marine wealth and help others.

Our motto:

"volunteer for clean and safe marine environment"

Filipino Scuba Divers Club

Email: fsdc.dubai@yahoo.com
phone: Michelle (President): +971 55 594 3691
Ella (Secretary): +971 55 315 3391

Established in 1994, Filipino Scuba Diving Club (FSDC) organizes and promotes diving trips and excursions primarily within the UAE, across the Gulf region, and to the tropical waters of the Philippines and other parts of the world. FSDC is actively involved in environmental programs through activities like Clean Up Arabia, Clean-up the World, Earth Day and more. Equally important is its commitment to help Filipinos in the UAE. Participate in discovery dives and sign up for licensed diving courses with FSDC’s in-house PADI-certified instructors, open to all Filipinos and everyone else who would like to begin a lifelong passion for the sea.

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