“With Clean Up Arabia, we are asking residents across the region to take action and keep beaches and dive sites clear of marine debris for the sake of our future generations. Involving volunteers from the local communities allows them to make a positive environmental impact in their marine environment and to preserve the region’s diverse marine life.”

Mr. Essa Al Ghurair, Chairman – Emirates Diving Association.

The annual, regional event was kick started into action back in 1995 with the support and backing of all EDA volunteers and loyal sponsors and partners.

EDA organises Clean Up Arabia in collaboration with the UNEP YouthXchange West Asia (United Nations Environment Programme). It is backed by the Australian’s ‘Clean Up the World’ campaign, the USA-based ‘International Coastal Cleanup’ and the Project AWARE Foundation. All these organisers have years of experience around the world, coordinating groups from all walks of life, joining together for the good of the earth.

Clean Up Arabia is an annual voluntary campaign that aims to clean up the dive sites and beaches of the UAE and surrounding regions. Campaign objectives are:

  • Engage the community and involve people from all walks of life to make a difference.
  • Rid the marine environment from pollution.
  • Direct people toward positive attitudes in maintaining a clean and sound environment by practice and participation.
  • Supporting continuous clean up activities.

The campaign is regional and covers the UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar which is driven and mobilised by EDA and supported by our loyal sponsors. It is all about making a difference, and spreading awareness.

  • Part of the campaign is to record the quantities and types of ‘refuse’ collected each year and to make comparisons with the previous data collections.
  • Data collected is reported to the International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) and used in educating the public, businesses, industries and government officials about the marine debris problem.

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